Chapter Dues

To use the Chapter Dues Report linked below, find your FMCA number in the file.  You might use CTRL-F or just browse the file.


The year next to your FMCA number indicates the year your dues expire.  For example, if you see 2023, your dues are paid through this year and you need to pay for 2024 or more years before the end of this year.  You could update your membership at the Christmas Luncheon in December or mail it in now.  Please note the date at the top of the Chapter Dues Report.  You may have paid your dues after this date and it is not reflected in the report.


When you pay your dues, please use the Membership Form linked here. Using this form helps us keep your contact information current. We can also make sure the online directory is updated, although you are welcome to update your own record and provide missing or updated directory photos.