Penn Coachmen Chapter of FMCA

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History and Information
About the Penn Coachmen Chapter of FMCA

The Penn Coachmen Chapter
was chartered by the
 Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) on July 23, 1969

        The Penn Coachmen Chapter was founded to promote social, recreational, and information exchange activities that provide for the enjoyment and pleasurable use of family motor coaches.

        Members are encouraged to come and enjoy one of the rallies held each month where programs include social events, meals, entertainment and other activities.


Benefits of Penn Coachmen

        One of the greatest benefits of Penn Coachmen Chapter membership is the opportunity it provides for fellowship with friends throughout the area.

        Greater use of your motorhome.  You get increased value out of your motorhome by using it more often.  Penn Coachmen hold rallies monthly from April through November.

        Discover new places of Interest.  We have held rallies at county parks, private campgrounds, restaurants, and fairgrounds.

        Receive a wealth of motorhome related information.  Club members would only be too happy to share their experiences and ideas regarding repairs, winterization, use of various RV products, motorhome purchasing. battery care, etc.

        Receive regular e-mail.  This keeps members informed about up-coming activities and life/death issues concerning our members.

        Receive the annual yearbook, which lists members names and addresses.

        Club members can place ads (none business) on the web-site free fo charge.

        More political clout.  Chapter membership offers more input into the policies of FMCA through our National Director, who is elected by the chapter members.

        Volunteer opportunity.  Our chapter provides teams of volunteers for regional rallies.  In the past members have assisted with security, trams and registration.  Such service provides opportunities to meet other FMCA members from different areas and increases the overall enjoyment of the rally.


Rally Information

 Rallies are held monthly from April to November.  Each rally is hosted by 10 to 30 volunteer members.  Our rallies are held at fairgrounds, firehouse-properties or private camgrounds.  All have electricity (some are limited to 20 amp service) and most have water.

Rally registration - Rallies usually require $50 to register.   it is important to register by the date listed in the program because we must commit to a number of meals with the caterer.  Often late registrations can be accommodated, however there have been times they had to make other arrangements for meals.  The balance for the rally is paid when you arrive. 

Cost of Rallies - The total cost of each rally is divided equally among the attendees.  You will not know the balance for the rally until your final registration when you arrive.  The reason is that all the bills for all meals, entertainment, decorations, mini-meal costs, coffee & donuts are not known until the committee arrives the day before the rally starts.  Should you have any questions about rally costs please contact the Rally Master or the person taking the registration for the rally.

                Sample Rally Program (Click Rallies to see detailed rally program)

Fri:    Registration, mini-meal and entertainment

Sat:   Breakfast (usually pastries & coffee -- or full breakfast

Planned activities or variety of other things close to the rally.

Dinner (usually catered)


Sun:   Breakfast (usually pastries & coffee)

Church Service