Penn Coachmen Chapter of FMCA

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Important Documents

1 - Click here for Year Dues are paid through --- Dues must be paid by November 30,2021 to be included in the Directory

2 - Click here for New, Renewal Member Application or profile update

3 - Form to Compute Rally Costs - New Revision V16 (Work Sheet)

        a - Rally Tally Work Sheet Instruction Guide

4 - Penn Coachmen 2021 Rally Schedule

5 - Rally Master Guidelines

        a - Post Rally Report (Draft)

        b - FMCA Incident Report

6 - Order Form for Penn Coachmen ID badge

7 - FMCA Officers Handbook

8 - FMCA COVID Waiver 2021


        The 2021 camping season activities are being planned as much as Covid will allow.   We will take cautionary measures at all of our rallies.  We do have hand sanitizer for people to use.  We will stress that safety comes first. There is an FMCA Covid release form that we have to fill out.  One sheet covers the entire 2021 year.  Click here to download this form. Please print, sign and return to me at your first rally.  Repeating - You only need to submit it once for the entire year.