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Penn Coachmen Chapter of FMCA

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Although your dues do not expire until December 31st, they must be received by November 30th in order to have your name included in the next year book.

Do not combine rally fees and dues in the same check. Please make check payable to "Penn Coachmen" and mail/give to the membership Chairperson.

Please use this form for New Members, Members Renewing or Members with a Profile change.

FMCA No. -                        Type of RV -                           
           Pilot First Name -           Pilot eMail -  
           Pilot Last Name -            CoPilot eMail - 
CoPilot Name -  
                 Home Phone -              Pilot Cell # -            CoPilot Cell - 

                 Street Address -                      City - 
                Address (cont.) -   State/Province - 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Zip/Postal Code - 
Winter Address:
                        Address - 
               Address (cont.) -                      City - 
               Address (cont.) -   State/Province - 
                                                                                                                         Zip/Postal Code - 
New/Renewal/Update -  

                 Please check box if you do not want information published in the Penn Coachmen Yearbook Directory.


Print this page after filling the blanks.  Dues: $15.00 per year / 3years $40.00.  Make checks payable to Penn Coachmen and Mail to: Hal Amos, 13 Hemlock Dr., Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. 

Note: You must be a member in good standing of FMCA in order to belong to Penn Coachmen.

Special Categories - (a) Associate members of FMCA retain all member benefits including chapter membership.  They pay chapter dues, but may not vote. - (b) Honorary members are former members who no longer meet criteria for FMCA membership but wish to retain chapter association.  Honorary Members DO NOT pay chapter dues and may participate in chapter activities, but may not vote or hold office.